Understanding the relevance of data and the need to store it effectively for later retrieval, business houses are now looking to having their video, audio and other data transcribed and stored in digital format. Businesses like legal, medical and educational sectors are the fields where transcription services are most sought after.

Transcription Services involves converting of all audio and video files into a digital text format.

What was the need for Transcription Services?

The most common type of transcription is the one that converts speech into text format. Some common examples of transcriptions would be court hearings, seminars, conferences, educational lectures, etc. Attending court room proceedings, seminars and conferences leave you no time to take down notes that you can refer to later. Here, transcription services come in to effect. Transcribing your voice files can give you neatly transcribed files which you can later use.

World Data Web – a trusted name for a professional service

We at World Data Web are 100% committed to giving you quality in transcriptions. We have a number of reasons in support of why you should team with us:

  • We house qualified transcriptionists who are proficient in their realms.
  • Our transcription rates are very affordable making sure they do not become a heavy investment for you.
  • We use the best in class technology, therefore providing you an accuracy of 98%.
  • Our services are tailor-made.
  • We have a dedicated team per project /per client.
  • We meet your deadlines without amiss.
  • Understanding the importance and critical aspect of data, we keep it 100% confidential.
  • Stringent quality checks at every level.

The varied Transcription Services that we offer

We at World Data Web can transcribe the following:

  • General Transcription
  • Interview Transcription
  • Academic Transcription
  • Legal Transcription
  • Medical Transcription

With your data handed over to us, you can be rest assured of 100% work output quality. With the fastest turnaround time, a plethora of satisfied clientele we aim to provide superior quality transcripts in multiple formats.

Experience best quality transcripts and timeliness of work output, call us now!