What is a File format?

A file format decides how data is stored in that particular file. The file extension usually indicates the format of the file. For instance, a Microsoft Word document by default becomes a Word format having a .doc file extension.

However if the file format is different, then a converter is required to open the file in the desired format. For example, Power Point or Excel may be needed to be converted into a PDF format. If the user requires the format of the file that is not automatically taken care of by the system, he would require installing that explicit converter.

There are numerous file formats like - 2D graphics, animations, movies, databases, 3D graphics, documents, spreadsheets, and music - that can be changed so that you can use it in many ways.

Why outsource to World Data Web?

There are numerous conversion possibilities that can be done with installation of specific software. But that would require a great deal of capital investment in terms of money, manpower, infrastructure, technology, etc. Instead of your company undergoing such a massive expense, outsourcing to World Data Web would entail them benefits as:

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    • MS Excel
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