What is Electronic Document Management? Let us understand the term.

EDM is the running of diverse kinds of documents in an enterprise using computer programs and storage. An EDM system allows an organization and its users to create a document or capture a hard copy in electronic form, edit, print, store, and otherwise manage documents in video, mage or audio, as well as in text form.

In Electronic Document Management Services all your documents are converted to electronic form [TIFF] which then offers the convenience of storage and retrieval which otherwise would have been a mammoth of a task in a paper-backed environment.

World Data Web – Electronic Document Management Services [EDM]

With our Electronic Document Management Services you get access to a perfect blend of best technology and practical considerations of the clients’ requirements. Take a look below at how we make it plausible –

Effective Data Capture

Your Company may receive or already have a large repository of data which is multiple formats and type. Consolidating all of them into one storable format for later use is what is required to enhance organizational efficiency. We have the expertise and technology by way of which we can effective capture all the data available in forms like text, bar codes, online forms, faxes, signature, emails, etc.


Imagine a mammoth of data all stored haywire! If you would have to find relevant data, how would you begin in the jungle of data in front of you! World Data Web helps you by indexing and sorting the data so as to make information easily available to you. We also categorise the data according to departments or user-types; this increases operational efficiency by reducing wastage of time on part of employees who would otherwise have to scan through irrelevant data.


Our experts follow all the laid down rules governing the security of your documents making them confidential. As the data is entered in our method - industry standards, government regulations and corporate policies are all taken into account.

How your company benefits from EDM service?

  • Get access to professional services
  • Reduced costs
  • Speedy outputs – keeps your business ahead in competition
  • Competent skilled workforce who can perform the task with high efficiency and accuracy.

Our services cater to the management solutions of the following industries:

  • Legal firms
  • Education
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Healthcare
  • Energy & Utility
  • Retail
  • Transport
If you wish to hand over your data to the hands of a trusted firm, contact us now!