An Overview

The situation today in the education industry is grave with respect to volume of data, paperwork, and documentation – in the class rooms and beyond too! This call for a serious thought to move towards automation and digitization. Almost every year there are scores of students taking admission in varying streams of education! Together with it there are multiple formalities which requires form filling, submission, etc. within the class rooms also paper work does not get reduced. There are conferences, seminars which require students to take down notes for further references.

A good idea would be outsourcing these processes to professionals. This way the data can be stored preserved and that too at a reduced cost.

World Data Web

World Data Web’s services in the field of education industry are of much help to institutions. The various services that World Data Web has to offer the clients in the field of education industry are –

  • Transcription services – Audio transcriptions of seminars and conferences can be stored and retrieved for later use by students. Videos also can be transcribed which can be of much importance for students.
  • Form Filling Services – In the education industry there are a number of forms to be filled. Our form filling services cater to this section, thereby speeding up and automating the entire process.
  • Data Entry Services – there are a number of documents which need to be keyed in manually. Take advantage of our professional data entry services and avail maximum benefits.
  • Document Conversion Services – Our state of art technology that is utilised in document conversion converts all the books, journals to e-format with much ease. This makes for easy reference material for students which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Outsourcing these services to World Data Web can help you get all the advantages. Take a look how:

  • A trusted name that you can bank on
  • 100% accuracy in the task
  • Speedy outputs
  • Use of state of art technology
  • Professionals at work
  • Strict adherence to deadlines
  • Capability of handling voluminous tasks
  • Strict confidentiality of data
Make World Data Web as your trusted partner and you have put your hands on the best IT solutions for your institution!