What is academic transcription service?

Academic transcription seeks to provide accurate and efficiently-transcribed research transcription to Graduate and PhD students, professors and researchers in the global academic community. Researchers, analytics, lecturers, often spend their life writing research content and then analysing it. Taking the cumbersome task off their hands, World Data Web brings academic transcription services.

Who can avail of our service?
  • Students – They can use us to transcribe their lectures.
  • Professors – They are approaching us for the same because it helps students.
  • Interviews - Academic transcription is widely used by students to transcribe interviews done for their research.
  • PhD/Doctorates - Those pursuing Doctorates contact us to avail our services of transcribing their research work.
What does our service entail?

World Data Web’s academic transcription service entails the following:

  • Academic interviews transcriptions
  • Research transcriptions
  • Lecture transcriptions
  • Conference transcriptions
  • Thesis transcriptions
  • Transcriptions of focus group study
  • Transcription of journal articles
  • Transcription of oral history interviews
Why choose World Data Web?

We give several reasons in support of why you should choose us:

  • We provide the output in the manner the client requires. In short, we provide customized solutions.
  • The audio-visual inputs that are given are successfully and precisely converted into MS Word formats.
  • We stand by our deadlines and hence it gives your company an edge over others.
  • Our team is well equipped to handle massive volumes of work with the same efficiency.
  • Our security measures ensure that your privacy is maintained.
Our benefits don’t end here!
  • We give the best academic transcriptions to our esteemed clientele.
  • We can provide solutions to a range of file formats.
  • Our output quality does not differ with changing volumes.
  • The skill and proficiency of our transcribers makes us a trustworthy name today.
  • Our rates are extremely affordable.
  • By providing quick and accurate solutions, we ensure that our client stays ahead in the competition.
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Outsource to World Data Web for superior quality, consistent, accurate and appropriate academic transcription services. Affordable prices and data security are some of the reasons why you should opt for World Data Web’s academic transcription services.

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