What exactly is OCR/OMR?

OCR cleanup is the process of cleansing the records of a business or a company. Theoretically speaking, OCR is more formally known as the optical character recognition software that converts large pages of a document into electronic formats. OMR Optical Mark Recognition is an advanced scanning system that captures records and data that are in the hard form.

The OCR cleanup is that action that integrated in the OCR software. It correct records manually. These errors comprise those erroneous entries that were used by the original software. There are some instances where mistakes cannot be avoided due to the lucidity of the paper documents. Hence, OCR cleanup is the best step to take.

The benefits of OCR Cleanup, ICR, OMR Services

  • Speeds the process – OCR process is faster than normal data entry. It captures data from image files thereby speeding up the process.
  • Error %age is reduced – OCR Cleanup, ICR and OMR can be integrated and used to reduce the error percent drastically.
  • It helpfully converts books, periodicals, journals into electronic format, thereby increasing the usability.

The types of documents/data that can utilise the OCR Cleanup, ICR, OMR services

  • Lab results
  • Examination forms
  • Evaluations
  • Surveys from customers
  • Census or government questionnaires
  • Registration forms
  • Subscription forms
  • Employment profiles
Why choose World Data Web as your trusted partner?

There are several reasons for you to venture with World Data Web as your partner for OCR Cleanup, ICR, OMR services. Some of the prime benefits that your company can entail are cited below:

  • OMR process is carried by technology that superior and far more advanced, thereby producing results that are high on quality.
  • Our OCR Cleanup services also use the best in class technology.
  • We possess the capability to convert any type of file format into the desirable format.
  • Our services are extremely reliable and cost effective.

OCR Cleanup, ICR and OMR require extreme diligence and proficiency in the task. Our workforce is especially trained and has mastered the expertise. With your data handed over to World Data Web, there is no room for you to worry!

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